When you are in dire need of fresh air and an open path, hiking is your best bet. There’s nothing better than that feeling of accomplishment when you’ve reached the final destination during your hike. Florida is a big place with lots of pure beauty everywhere you look, so why not take in all of the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Here’s where you can go to enjoy a nice hike and enjoy yourself:

  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
    This is the perfect spot to come and enjoy an early morning or afternoon hike because it is absolutely beautiful. It’s great for newcomers and people who want to just get outside and get moving. The trails at Hugh Taylor are incredibly beautiful and the scenery is something you won’t forget. Make sure to pack your water because hydration is key!
  • Secret Woods Nature Center
    If you’re looking for a place to go and not necessarily hike, but enjoy nature trails then this is definitely where you’ll want to go. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible and the plants and animals are breathtaking!